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General Slingshot Videos (42) If you can't find a specific category for your slingshot video, place it here.
Slingshot Hunting (32) All slingshot hunting related videos go here. Feel free to share some of your best shots on game.
Slingshot Building (17) Slingshot Building Videos. Please show us how you make your slingshots!
Designing Slingshots (4) Designing Slingshots
Natural Slingshots (7) Natural Slingshots
Boardcut Slingshots (6) Boardcut Slingshots
Finishing Slingshots (2) Finishing Slingshots
How To (14) General DIY section for slingshots.
Band Making (20) Band Making
Pouch Making (5) Pouch making videos.
Attachment Methods (21) Attachment Methods
Slingshot Shooting (37) Slingshot Shooting
Tournament Shooting (51) Put any videos of slingshot tournaments here.
How To Aim / Shoot (15) This category covers everything on how to aim and shoot a slingshot.
Technique / Correction (3) This category covers slingshot shooting problems, hand slaps, fork hits, and anything related to technique.
Chrony Testing (3) Slingshot testing for bands, ammo, and chrony videos go in this section.
Slingshot Reviews (18) Reviews of your favorite slingshots!
Slingshot Trades (0) Did you trade slingshots with another member? Post your video here!
Unboxing Slingshots (2) Please place all the videos of un-boxing your new slingshots here.
Off Topic (15) Off topic videos go here.