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Nugget “lunch!!!!!”

Discussion in 'Slingshot Hunting' started by Clint, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Feb 12, 2020
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    got home from doing laundry putting up my clothes and Nugget tells me there is something outside so grab my sling and look out and yes 2 dove at 53 yards right where a spot I dropped that chicken feed dammit
    Must of had a hole in the bag because from 50 to 70 yards there chicken feed everywhere dang it !
    So first shot like 30 yard to the left and 20 yard low wtf!!!! I said
    using 00buck so ghrabbed a 000 odd buck
    About 68 grains and shot the Second shot dead hit wing shot and knock the hell out of you shot , he tryed to fly but to stuns and no wing he sat there stunned third shot marble solid chest hit . Nugget was commanded free and he went and got it that was fun to watch
    He put the final death kill on it .
    So cleaned it don’t like showing blood
    And Nugget got his first dove lunch
    Wtf the dog eats better than me I don’t have a refrigerator so I can’t keep it and wonder there’s not enough for a meal two poppers maybe . He’s had grouse quail squirrel dove bass just this last week fu——ker !
    And awls I got was this T-shirt – slingshot
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