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Comments on Profile Post by Nobodo

  1. JTslinger
    That sucks. I am so sorry to hear that.
    May 4, 2015
  2. Nobodo
    Thanks. She was fine at 11pm, woke us up at 1am with labored breathing. Surgery started at 2:30, and at 3 they said too much tissue death to save her. So we held her while being put to sleep at 4am. I had never even heard of the problem but apparently it is second only to cancer for dog deaths. The stomach actually twists 180 degrees, and that blocks blood flow.
    May 4, 2015
  3. Kevin
    Sorry for your loss.
    May 4, 2015
  4. oldmiser
    sad to hear your loss my friend..You will have the fond memories & photos of your dog..I am sure some time along the line you will have another dog to take on the wild chase again...OM
    May 4, 2015
  5. Big Ron
    Big Ron
    Mark i'm very very sorry for your loss brother there is nothing one can say to ease the pain and grief you must be feeling,i hope you will find some comfort that she is no longer in pain and that her life was full of joy and happiness for you being there and making her time here the best it could have been all the best to you and yours
    May 4, 2015
  6. Nobodo
    Thank you all for your kind words. We put her to rest on top of the hill out back in her favorite place for watching for deer to chase, with a nice headstone. She'll live on in our memories and the many pictures we have of her enjoying life.
    May 4, 2015
  7. DarrinGlennCook
    So Sorry to hear that....
    May 4, 2015
  8. Emitto
    Sooo sorry to hear that bud, wish you the best!
    She will be remembered!
    May 4, 2015
  9. Arturo Borquez
    Arturo Borquez
    sorry for your lost ... we never forget all what our good loyal friends gave us unconditional ... love ...
    May 5, 2015
  10. Alan
    So sorry. Hurts like hell when they go.
    May 5, 2015
  11. JonM
    Sorry for your loss. They become family & it's never easy when it happens.
    May 5, 2015