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Comments on Profile Post by AdamvVS

  1. Clint
    I have one ..and a half dollar all dented up ... :) ,but it’s signed to someone else not to me ... but’s it’s got his name on it ....I’d trade u but you’d have to have sex with terry in the snow at my place to make that happen so sorry wish I had one signed to me ....butt I’ll take it .just rubbing it in
    Dec 20, 2021
  2. Cruiser
    Adam is from Canadia he could say yes. It is a Dgui PFS
    Dec 21, 2021
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  3. Devils son in law
    Devils son in law
    Good luck finding one Adam. I don't even shoot PFS but if I had one, I still wouldn't part with it. But you gotta try......
    Dec 22, 2021
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  4. AdamvVS
    So will it come signed?
    Dec 23, 2021
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  5. Mr Muz
    Mr Muz
    I gave mine to Clint, or would have given it to you. I have a lot of respect for the guy and what he has done but a few things got said in the whole Joey drama and a lost all emotional attachment to it and knew Clint would love to have it. I know Ray (az stinger) had a load of original ones including the 1st one ever made.
    Dec 24, 2021
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