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Comments on Profile Post by ForkshooterTB

  1. thehappyhippy
    I shoot mostly 3/8s an I like the little microfiber Chinese pouches .but for big stuff like marbles I like my bigger super shore pouches
    May 8, 2020
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  2. ForkshooterTB
    Thanks hippy. I'm moving in the smaller direction myself. I was just curious what others use.
    May 8, 2020
  3. Fidencio León Burgos
    Fidencio León Burgos
    7x2 cm is my favorite.
    May 8, 2020
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  4. ForkshooterTB
    Thanks! Fidencio Leon Burgos
    May 8, 2020
  5. Emitto
    I like enough pouch to hold my balls if you know what I mean ;-)
    May 8, 2020
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