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Comments on Profile Post by Searcher_47

  1. Devils son in law
    Devils son in law
    The detergent itself or the container? I know the Tide pods are edible though. : )
    Nov 8, 2019
  2. Peter Recuas
    Peter Recuas
    Toxic green and pearl are my favorites but I'm lazy (: (
    I also collect coca cola caps but they are made of polypropylene, stronger and more resistant to flexion although nobody has used them yet
    Nov 9, 2019
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  3. Searcher_47
    I like Purex purple! How many pods you eat a day, Devils son in law?
    Nov 9, 2019
  4. MolecularConcept
    How do you melt and cast them?
    Nov 10, 2019
  5. Searcher_47
    Nov 10, 2019
  6. Searcher_47
  7. Searcher_47
  8. ZAttach
    I have a bunch of my sons baby hangers. I am not sure if it is the collect hope to melt down or not…. I would like to know.
    Nov 11, 2019
  9. Searcher_47
    Most hdpe2 will have a triangle with the number 2 in the middle.
    Nov 11, 2019