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Jul 23, 2020
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Jul 23, 2020
    1. Peter Ball
      Peter Ball
      Hello. I’m brand new. How do I post a question about where to buy a slingshot and ammo. I tried posting in the beginner forum but kept getting an error saying that my post might be spammy.
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      3. thehappyhippy
        Welcome you can always ask right here but you could also post in the sales trade wanted section . What are you looking for?
        Jul 4, 2020
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      4. Mr Muz
        Mr Muz
        I would recommend wasp slingshots in the UK, they do great starter kits.
        Jul 5, 2020
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      5. Peter Ball
        Peter Ball
        It was the caution about being spammy that was unclear since I wasn’t being spammy in the least. I’m familiar with Simple Shot and was asking about availability in Canada. A quick Google search doesn’t bring up sellers except in the US.
        Jul 5, 2020
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    2. Rich G
      Rich G
      Hi admin first I got to say what a fantastic catty site you and the rest of the team have hear. Full of information and tips and tricks that I love. I my only problem is that I get an error message when i try to reply to post. Says that my content may be spam and so on any ideas what i might be doing wrong thanks for your time .
    3. Craig Lawson
      Craig Lawson
      Can I trust the "click to get started" that comes up when I want to download a templet?
      I wants to put a program on my computer.
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      3. honorary pie
        honorary pie
        I'm pretty sure you can say ass though .. sorry about hijacking your status good sir .
        Sep 14, 2018
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      4. Billy Fugett
        Billy Fugett
        I'm not a moderator but I think anything other than the banner adds are safe to click on this forum. No telling what yer gonna see if you click some of those.
        Sep 14, 2018
      5. AZ Stinger
        AZ Stinger
        Your good
        Sep 16, 2018
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