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I am 31 years old and have been shooting slingshots since i was 13. I saved some pocket money and brought myself a black widow catapult, I shot at everything. Drinks cans, bottles, fruit - you name it. Nearly twenty years later and not alot has changed, bigger hairier, but still a big kid at heart! I have been hunting for several years now and untill very recently was a dedicated looped tube shooter. I shoot OTT and my favourite slingshot has to be my scout. Mr-S
Anyone got any tips on how to band up to shoot these darts?

My original thought was to use knotted paracord instead of a pouch but on first glances it looks too thick for the notch on the dart.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated...
@SimpleShot, I've just brought my son a scout and it didn't have a simpleshot sticker in the package. My last one did?? He really would like a sticker, is there any way you could send him one? I'm more than happy to pay for it.


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Where do I get a slingshot community patch? My son loves stickers and patches to put on his bag / laptop etc, is there a place I can order them?

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I have a dankung king of aiming that I really like the idea of but I think it's slightly small for my hands.

I have heard that people have scaled them, has anyone here ever tried?

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