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Eric Au is the designer and owner of Metro Grade Goods. A Canadian company dedicated to providing slingshot enthusiasts with uniquely made quality slingshots and accessories. Eric's background has a strong emphasis on industrial design and material process which is clearly reflected in his work.

You can purchase his designs on the Metro grade Goods website here:
Oh boy, I couldn't wait to share this with you guys! I present...the Steamplinker! My last build of 2016.

In short: brass core, brass linings, brass screws, brass pins, brass tubing, brass gears, brass maker's mark, brass Ocularis plug balls and brass inlays. Black and purple G10 body and...
I've had two hunks of material for a bit of time, some composites I've never used or heard of before. G7 and G9, similar to G10 but with different binders and additives. G7, the white, is much like G10 but with a silicon component, which makes it very grippy when unsanded. G9, the tan, uses a...
Assorted Kyl-Oren
I'll let the pics speak for themselves but like always I have to describe the materials.

The Kyl-Oren is a combination of the character Kylo-Ren and the Oren design. The main body is a slab of black canvas micarta and slab of aerospace grade carbon fiber. The front scale is black G10 space...
Hey SSC! I am back!

With all the changes going on, it's was time to center myself with a slingshot build. I am getting the fall feels and this is my ode to the Autumn Equinox, via my favourite Ocularis® frame, The O-ren. A thick brown canvas Micarta body makes a solid base for the Jade G10...