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I am 49 years old and have been shooting slingshots for most of my life. Started out as a youngster with a natural tree fork made by my grandfather then moved up to commercial large tube slingshots, I preferred the ones without the wrist brace. I shot a commercial marksman for the better part of 20 years with a variety of different tubes but trumark tapered tubes were my all time favorite. Then a random internet search showed me the world of modern slingshots and the rest is history. Currently I either shoot a Simple Shot Scout or a homemade slingshot made by myself or Toddy. I am a dedicated flat band shooter with .030 latex being my favorite band material.
Randy Knapp is a self-taught artist. Born and raised in the sun swept hills of eastern Oregon. His earlier career began in a glass shop where for ten years he worked to become a master glazier.

In his spare time he pursued his love for woodworking. Growing tired of the everyday grind and feeling very passionate about the possibilities of woodworking. He struck out on his own and started Knapp Studios in 1988.

Among his work he finds time to share his love of slingshots, and the creations he's become known for.

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My name is Dan Hood. I am a civil structural design engineer who slipped past the age of 40 a few years back and I proudly play with “kid’s” toys.

Growing up in India, I was exposed to slingshots (known as catapults over there) at a very young age. My first was a natural fork out of a tamarind tree banded with bicycle inner tube rubber. It was a rock lobber at best. This progressed into a few board cuts before I lost interest around 12 years of age. As I moved around the next few years, the first board cut I ever made just followed me around in my sock drawer. Not really sure why, but it just did. In early 2014, some 28 years later, I stumbled upon this weird German guy (Jorg Sprave) shooting insane rubber operated devices. I was hooked…again. Since that time I have built 100+ custom slingshots per year and have never looked back. It has been a wild ride! And yes, the first board cut I ever made is still with me, now proudly hanging on the shop wall.
Eric Au is the designer and owner of Metro Grade Goods. A Canadian company dedicated to providing slingshot enthusiasts with uniquely made quality slingshots and accessories. Eric's background has a strong emphasis on industrial design and material process which is clearly reflected in his work.

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I am 31 years old and have been shooting slingshots since i was 13. I saved some pocket money and brought myself a black widow catapult, I shot at everything. Drinks cans, bottles, fruit - you name it. Nearly twenty years later and not alot has changed, bigger hairier, but still a big kid at heart! I have been hunting for several years now and untill very recently was a dedicated looped tube shooter. I shoot OTT and my favourite slingshot has to be my scout. Mr-S
Nathan Masters is the founder and CEO of A skilled designer and craftsman of premium slingshots and slingshot accessories. Nathan is leading the reemerging slingshot industry with superior quality, design, and innovation.

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I grew up fishin’ and huntin’ every chance I got in West Texas. My early life, imagination, and interest was inspired by the stories my Dad (now 86 years young) shared with me of growing up and living during the Depression Years. He told of how he and his brothers hunted with slingshots made from forked mesquite tree sticks, red inner-tube rubber bands, shoe tongue leather for pouches, and rocks or marbles for ammo. Somehow the ability to effectively harvest small game for the table with such a simple tool always amazed and appealed to me. Because of that, I’ve been making and shooting slingshots for over 40 years!

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