Slingshot Building Building a Corian Slingshot (A Gift For FireFly) - Part 2

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    Part 1:

    The Build Continued...

    Clean out the hole with the spindle sander. However, you have to insert the spindle before securing the top.

    Picture 25.jpg

    Picture 26.jpg

    Then began shaping…

    Picture 27.jpg

    Picture 28.jpg

    Picture 29.jpg

    Picture 30.jpg

    Picture 31.jpg

    Picture 32.jpg

    Followed by sanding (this is a combination of videos and pictures).

    Picture 33.jpg

    Picture 34.jpg

    Picture 35.jpg

    …then some wet sanding. Nothing fancy, just 5 minutes of 600 grit after the 320 grit palm/orbital sander part of the process. Sand along the length of the core, not across the core!

    Picture 36.jpg

    Picture 37.jpg

    …and finally polishing (this is a combination of videos and pictures as well).

    Picture 38.jpg

    Picture 39.jpg

    @Firefly now has the finished product and is enjoying shooting it when she can steal it away from @trapperdes or so I am told. The finished product video...the video was made before the gift was sent out so it is a little old and has some informational errors in it. The text above is accurate.

    Total build time, excluding camera use and dry time, about 3 hours.
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My name is Dan Hood. I am a civil structural design engineer who slipped past the age of 40 last year and I proudly play with “kid’s” toys.

Growing up in India, I was exposed to slingshots (known as catapults over there) at a very young age. My first was a natural fork out of a tamarind tree banded with bicycle inner tube rubber. It was a rock lobber at best. This progressed into a few board cuts before I lost interest around 12 years of age. As I moved around the next few years, the first board cut I ever made just followed me around in my sock drawer. Not really sure why, but it just did. In early 2014, some 28 years later, I stumbled upon this weird German guy (Jorg Sprave) shooting insane rubber operated devices. I was a hooked…again. Since that time I have built 100+ custom slingshots per year and have never looked back. It has been a wild ride! And yes, the first board cut I ever made is still with me, now proudly hanging on the shop wall.

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