Slingshot Building Building a Corian Slingshot (A Gift For FireFly) - Part 1

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    I had this all set to post as a regular forum thread when @Clever Moniker contacted me about a build article. Seemed only fitting to use this build as you will see further explained below.

    At the ECST I received an unfinished Metro core from @ChuckDavis which I thought was one of the Checkmate series. Perhaps @Metropolicity can clear up that mix up, if there is one.

    Since FireFly so graciously sent me the slingshot I admired at ECST and ended up without a prize from the prize table, a custom build for her collection was in order.

    Several things were required:

    First, Liz (FireFly) loves to see how things are built. This would need to be a build series thread (with lots of pictures) along with some how-to. (Editor’s Note: It inspired me to start my Slingshot Build Series videos)

    Second, it had to fit her small hand.

    Third, it had to fit the flat bands she has come to love since ECST.

    Lastly, it had to be something unique to add to her collection.​

    There was really no use for the tube holes, so painter’s tape was added for lubrication and they were removed using a metal blade on the BladeRunner.

    Picture 1.jpg

    Picture 2.jpg

    Corian scales and the aluminum core were prepared/roughened with 36 grit.

    Picture 3.jpg

    Picture 4.jpg

    During the entire process a respirator, face shield and apron were used as protective gear. At times, latex gloves were added.

    Picture 5.jpg

    An acetone wipe down was performed

    Picture 6.jpg

    Each scale was added with super glue (easily spread with a razor) individually and clamped for several hours. I do a lot of my gluing at the end of a work session, hence a few hours to cure. Super glue (CA) only really needs about 15 minutes to become rigid enough to start the trim/clean up process.

    Picture 7.jpg

    Picture 8.jpg

    Picture 9.jpg

    The scale was then trimmed and cleaned to size before the next scale was added.

    Picture 10.jpg

    Picture 11.jpg

    Picture 12.jpg

    Excess glue is removed from the two flat surfaces.

    Picture 13.jpg

    Picture 14.jpg

    The holes were cleaned out as well to ensure glue “pins” occurred.

    Picture 15.jpg


    Picture 16.jpg

    Picture 17.jpg

    Picture 18.jpg

    Picture 19.jpg

    Picture 20.jpg

    Picture 21.jpg

    Picture 22.jpg

    Picture 23.jpg

    Picture 24.jpg

    Part 2:
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My name is Dan Hood. I am a civil structural design engineer who slipped past the age of 40 last year and I proudly play with “kid’s” toys.

Growing up in India, I was exposed to slingshots (known as catapults over there) at a very young age. My first was a natural fork out of a tamarind tree banded with bicycle inner tube rubber. It was a rock lobber at best. This progressed into a few board cuts before I lost interest around 12 years of age. As I moved around the next few years, the first board cut I ever made just followed me around in my sock drawer. Not really sure why, but it just did. In early 2014, some 28 years later, I stumbled upon this weird German guy (Jorg Sprave) shooting insane rubber operated devices. I was a hooked…again. Since that time I have built 100+ custom slingshots per year and have never looked back. It has been a wild ride! And yes, the first board cut I ever made is still with me, now proudly hanging on the shop wall.

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