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abit boring compared to some of the stuff I take on but I thought I'd share none the less, one bronze with copper spacers and copper hollow pins and one brass with brass spacers and solid brass pins, both scaled in camel bone, I hope you all like them,
After Reading The Devils Son In Laws post 'a few i just finished' i contacted him about a possible trade for one of his naturals
A few PMs later and a natural with dark wood butt cap was to be sent to me and in return i would send him one of my laminate boardcuts
Got home tonight and a package...
I could use some help. I have a couple issues I could use some expert help clearing up. A little background I have been shooting slingshots for a few years. Weather is finally clearing up and I'm trying some new things. Using an OPFS style slingshot with marbles I can hit a can about 3/4 of the...