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Freak'n Awesomeness.....Just got my Hammer..This one is the Complete Kit...Time to Get Freaky....[​IMG][​IMG]

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So... it's been a while since we've had a giveaway for our Supporting Members. :)

Up for grabs is not only a slingshot, but a pouch giveaway too!!! :) All products are covered by the SSC, and shipped new from Simple-Shot.

Here's what you can win!!!

The Slngshot:
Axiom Champ Poly
As most of you know last week I started refinishing about 25 of my frames, well the first 2 are done and I just made this vid to show Perry (PWP) how they turned out as he was was the one who guided me thru the process in which he does his shooters, I thought I would would share the vid with all...