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So... it's been a while since we've had a giveaway for our Supporting Members. :)

Up for grabs is not only a slingshot, but a pouch giveaway too!!! :) All products are covered by the SSC, and shipped new from Simple-Shot.

Here's what you can win!!!

The Slngshot:
Axiom Champ Poly
As most of you know last week I started refinishing about 25 of my frames, well the first 2 are done and I just made this vid to show Perry (PWP) how they turned out as he was was the one who guided me thru the process in which he does his shooters, I thought I would would share the vid with all...
YSEO just sent me these beautiful mules that he makes from his own HDPE which I'm pretty sure must be produced by feeding clowns LSD and then making them barf.... back in the 70s. His work has this nice hefty feel. You know you're holding a quality item. And...