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For the SSC interview series, we asked Eric Au of Metro Grade Goods to share a little bit about slingshot design, and his process of making slingshots.

How long have you been in design, and what is your design background?
I have been an Industrial Designer for almost a decade. My...
Slingshot Building Hand Tools and Slingshots
Hand Tools & Slingshots
by Pawpawsailor

Recently @Clever Moniker invited me to do a tutorial related to hand tools and carving slingshots...​
Getting close to the final shape at this point. I use sanding drums in the drill press to smooth out the curved edges. By waiting until after the router work is done I have much less area to smooth up than I would have had if I had sanded the edges earlier.
I use...
Are we having fun yet???? Back to the router with the flush trim bit just like before. The frame all trimmed up. I see I need a little sanding to make it all even but it will not take much. I think a bit of glue from the squeeze out held my router bearing off a bit so...